About us

The Bristol Knee and Sports Injury Clinic provides expert help to anyone who is suffering from joint problems, sports injuries or pain. We treat the full range of orthopaedic problems and offer comprehensive diagnostic, surgical, physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. If you are suffering from a joint problem or sports injury you can book a consultation and receive treatment from us directly as a self-paying patient, private insured patient or you may be referred by your general practitioner or insurance company.

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Secretary – Kay James

Making an appointment to see Mr. Johnson is easy. Simply call Kay his PA on 01179 706655 or send an e-mail to check availability on boc@orthopaedics.co.uk  Insured patients will be able to claim this cost from their insurer (subject to the details of the cover provided by individual insurers). The fees for an initial consultation are £200.  Mr. Johnson’s fees are reimbursed by all the major medical insurers.

Self paying patients:  

Private patients do not need to have medical insurance to see Mr. Johnson. Making an appointment to see Mr. Johnson is easy. Simply call Kay his PA on 01179 706655 or send an e-mail to check availability on boc@orthopaedics.co.uk  The fees for an initial consultation are £200.

Private patients contact:   

Mr. Johnson consults for private patients in Bristol, Newport and London. Please contact Kay for details.
PA: Ms Kay James:
Tel: 0117 970 6655     Email: boc@orthopaedics.co.uk      Fax: 0117 970 6655

NHS patients:  

For NHS patients referred by their GP:  Bookings can be made through the NHS Choose and Book system. Choose the knee and Hip Orthopaedic Clinic at the Chesterfield Nuffield Chesterfield Hospital Bristol on a Wednesday or Friday morning. Alternately book the Bristol Spire Hospital knee Surgery Clinic on a Friday morning. Kay does not deal with the out-patient appointment booking and scheduling of surgery for NHS patients this is dealt with by the relevant admissions department in the relevant hospital. For the Chesterfield Hospital contact jenny lees on telephone no: 0117 9872727. For the spire Hospital Bristol use Telephone 0117 980 4058 / 4062.

Second opinion or revision procedures:

Mr. Johnson is often asked to provide second opinions on proposed treatment both in respect of UK and International patients. Alternately for opinions on failure of previous surgery, knee surgery, ACL reconstruction, knee replacement, anterior knee pain and orthopaedics in general. Patients should if possible bring to the consultation a copy of the previous opinion, details of the previous treatment received and copies of their X-rays and or MRI scans.

Your Orthopaedic Outpatient Appointment with Mr. Johnson:

Mr. Johnson will see you, take a detailed history of your problem, undertaken an examination and a review the X-rays or MRI scans. He will then explain to you the nature of your problem and the possible treatment options. He will explain the relative benefits, the pros and cons of each, together with his advice as to which is the best way to proceed to obtain the best result. If a decision is made to proceed with surgery then a date may be booked at the time or after liaison with Mr. Johnson’s secretary Kay.