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27Jun 2022

Whether you are a solicitor or just looking for a second opinion on your treatment options. We can provide expert medical reports. For patients and solicitors: Please send an e-mail with your contact details to boc@orthopaedics.co.uk. Solicitors should include formal instructions in the usual way. A quotation will be provided once we have the basic details. […]

10Jun 2015

  Thousands of cyclists conquer valleys and mountains to slay dragon David completed the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity Ride June 7th 2015. The Wiggle Dragon Ride is the hardest longest and highest cycling sportive in the country. David completed the Grand Fondo 142 miles (232 Km) including climbs totalling 12,759 feet (3,900m) in 12hours and […]

10Jun 2015

David Johnson is honoured by a Spotlight on Internationally renown Orthopaedic Sports Injury Surgeons. The American Journal of Sports Medicine features in its June 2015 edition long serving editorial board member David Johnson: https://ajsmeditorialboardspotlight.wordpress.com/ David is honoured to be awarded this prestigious honour. The American Journal of Sports medicine is the highest rated and circulated journal […]

21May 2015

Smith and Nephew Orthopaedics developed a new knee in 2002. For the first time this incorporated a low friction and low wear ceramic surface into the components of a total knee replacement. The surface was crucially not applied as a surface coating but an integral part of the metal surface which could not flake off, […]

26Feb 2014

January 2014 saw the opening of the new Nuffield hospital in Bristol. The Chesterfield Hospital was the original base for Nuffield Health in Bristol. The hospital was closed in 2005 when the Nuffield moved its services to St Mary’s Hospital. However after a £17 million pound rebuild of the hospital, the hospital opened its door […]

08Sep 2010

Tennis elbow is not caused by the size of your racket’s grip. Studies of forearm muscle actions shows little connection between grip size and the development of tennis elbow, also known as tendonitis. Researchers have measured how players’ muscles “fired” during a backhand swing using three different sizes of racket grips. No matter which grip […]

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