Injuries Caused by Road Traffic Accidents

Being involved in a road accident could leave you with injuries ranging from mild bruising and whiplash to serious head and spinal injuries. A road accident can be life changing, not only for those left injured, but also for their families and loved ones. Many of those injured in road accidents are entitled to claim compensation. No matter how severe your injuries are, we have dedicated solicitors who could help you to access the compensation, support and medical care that you and your family need.

Depending on how the car accident happens, the severity of the injuries sustained can vary tremendously.  The speed the cars are travelling when the car accident happens will have some bearing on the severity of the injuries sustained, as well as how well equipped the vehicles are with safety features such as seatbelts, airbags and side impact bars.  You are obviously better protected if you are in a car accident if you are inside a vehicle such as a car, bus or lorry than you would be if you were a cyclist, motorcyclist or pedestrian. Car Accident injuries can range from whiplash and cuts and bruises to broken bones, nasty lacerations and more serious injuries such as amputations, burns, spinal injuries, brain injuries and even fatalities.

Claiming Personal Injury Compensation

Mr. David Johnson has undertaken medico-legal reports for more than 30 years. Solicitors from around the UK  regularly instruct Mr. Johnson. Often this is in relation to a major injury, catastrophic injury and high value contentious claims. If you wish to make a claim then you should first visit your doctor to have the injury assessed. You should appoint a solicitor to act on your behalf. The solicitor with gather up the relevant medical records, X-rays and MRI scans before providing a letter of instruction to Mr. Johnson. Medico-legal appointments are usually available within 2-4 weeks with a report available a week or two later.

Road Traffic Injury