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Returning to Sport After Joint Replacement

Total hip or knee replacement has been undertaken for 40 years or more, and currently over 100,000 joint replacements are undertaken in the UK each year. They have become some of the most commonly performed and successful surgical procedures in respect of improvement in symptoms and restoration of function. A new minimally invasive technique for knee replacement allows most people to continue with their sports after surgery. Indeed, a new low-friction ceramic knee joint (Oxinium) has been developed to last longer for the more active younger patient, and technology is advancing all the time. These latest techniques are designed to achieve and improve rapid patient recovery, rehabilitation and subsequent patient outcome.

Following surgery patients can usually expect to return to driving after 4-6 weeks providing the joint is pain-free and they have control of the car. Swimming is often possible 3-6 weeks after hip replacement and return to golf, gentle tennis or badminton may take between 6 and 12 weeks. Rehabilitation following knee replacement can be expedited by resisted exercises and training, and should be performed prior to undertaking more vigorous sports. Mr David Johnson, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, specialises in knee surgery and joint replacement and is internationally recognised, regularly lecturing at national and international meetings to orthopaedic surgeons. Having been a national and international basketball player and county U19 rugby player, he appreciates and takes account of the demands and concerns of sports people of all ages.

Consultations with Mr Johnson are available now at the Nuffield Hospital Bristol. For more information or to make an appointment please contact Mr Johnson’s secretary on: 0117 9706655 or via e-mail: More information is available on the web site.

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