Whether you are a solicitor or just looking for a second opinion on your treatment options. We can provide expert medical reports.

For patients and solicitors: Please send an e-mail with your contact details to boc@orthopaedics.co.uk.

Solicitors should include formal instructions in the usual way. A quotation will be provided once we have the basic details. Our T&C’s, CV and areas of expertise can be found in the documents on the website:   http://www.kneeandsportsinjuryclinic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/CV-D-Johnson-2021.pdf

Patients: Please include in your e-mail a short history of your complaint, diagnosis and the treatment you have received. Please upload any X-ray of Scan reports and if possible a Jpeg image of the main X-ray or scan. A video Zoom consultation is possible and the charges start at £100. Details will be sent in response to any inquiry.