Donjoy Immostrap Back Support


What is the Immostrap Back Support?

The Immostrap back support from Donjoy is a lumbar support with upper and lower compression. This comfortable to wear back support helps to alleviate lumbar pain by exerting strong compression.

When can I use the Immostrap Back Support?

The Immostrap back support can be used for acute or subacute lower back pain, lumbar arthrosis, following disc herniation and for lumbar sciatica. The back support is suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle, and can be used during heavy duty tasks and leisure activities.

Immostrap Back Support Features and Benefits:

  • Quadruple bilateral straps to adjust compression
  • Independent superior and inferior compression adjustment – for anatomical fit
  • Strong compressive elastic material to enhance posture control
  • Four semi-rigid dorsal stays – stabilisation of sacro-lumbar area
  • Rolling buckles – for effortless tightening
  • Two flexible abdominal stays
  • Hand loop for easy application
  • Ergonomic front panel

What size do I need?

To fit waist circumference:

  • X-Small 56-68cm (22-26.5″)
  • Small 68-82cm (26.5″-32.25″)
  • Medium 82-98cm (32.25″-38.5″)
  • Large 98-116cm (38.5″-45.5″)
  • X-Large 116-136cm (45.5″-53.5″)