What is the medi Genumedi Silver?

Designed to ease swelling and pressure off the knee joint, the medi Genumedi Silver uses a mixture of compressive fabric and silicon inserts to maximise support around the knee and regulate blood flow. This knee brace is suitable for those that suffer chronic pain and swelling and also those who have osteoarthritis and damage to the meniscus.

How does it work?

Featuring silicon inserts and a removable silicon ring, the medi Genumedi Silver supports the knee medially and laterally to provide proprioception and muscular support. Specially knitted comfort zones relieve pressure from the back of the knee, whilst the compressive fabric gently massages the joint and patella.

Maximum comfort to promote recovery

The medi Genumedi Knee Brace features Clima-Comfort and Clima-Fresh technology to create a clean and comfortable microclimate for the knee joint. Clima-Comfort worked knit passes moisture from the skin to the surface of the brace, where it evaporates quickly to keep the knee dry, while the Clima-Fresh function which prevents bacterial infection and odour formation.

Sizing Chart

For this brace, you will need two measurements.

Measurement ABOVE: The circumference 15cm/6″ above the centre of the patella.

Measurement BELOW: Circumference 5cm/2″ below the centre of the patella.

  • 1: ABOVE – 37-40cm BELOW – 25-28cm
  • 2: ABOVE – 40-43cm BELOW – 28-31cm
  • 3: ABOVE – 43-46cm BELOW – 31-34cm
  • 4: ABOVE – 46-49cm BELOW – 34-37cm
  • 5: ABOVE – 49-52cm BELOW – 37-40cm
  • 6: ABOVE – 52-55cm BELOW – 40-43cm
  • 7: ABOVE – 55-58cm BELOW – 43-46cm

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