Medium Density Formthotics™ – Blue 140kg/m3


For professional use only – please contact your local Sales Representative for more details. Key Features Formthotics™ can help everyone because they have been designed to support the natural shape of your feet, providing good functional support and stabilisation of the foot and the lower limb. All Formthotics™ custom foot orthotics can be gently heated to mould to the foot and the shoe. Formthotics™ are especially manufactured to retain their new shape, even after intense use. In most cases Formthotics™ last as long as the footwear they have been fitted in, and in some cases much longer. Different models are available to address specific symptoms or to fit specific types of shoes. A. Select the correct model and size and insert Formthotics™ into the shoe. Replace the existing insole where possible. B. Use an approved heating system to heat or re-heat the Formthotics™. The Formthotics™ Heating Machine is especially designed to heat Formthotics in the clinic with an easy-to-use 3-minute heating cycle. C. Position the patient in a neutral stance and hold until the Formthotics™ have cooled down (approximately 1 minute). D. Where necessary, use additions and wedges to further adjust the Formthotics™. The standard model, suitable for effective use in a broad spectrum of applications, including the treatment of knee, heel pain, shin splints and Achilles tendon injuries.