Ultimate Performance Neoprene Shoulder Support


What is Neoprene Shoulder Support?

A combination of therapeutic heat and support promotes improved healing after shoulder injury and complaints such as arthritis and rotator cuff tendonitis.

When can I use it?

This bilateral support (can be worn on left or right shoulder) warms the shoulder while giving stability and joint flexibility to quicken the healing process.

Made from soft neoprene, it can be worn all day for comfort against tendonitis, shoulder instability, shoulder dislocation and arthritis.

What size is it? (Take the measurement from around the top of your arm)

  • Small 28-33cm (11″-13″)
  • Medium 33-35cm (13″-14″)
  • Large 35-38cm (14″-15″)
  • X-Large 38-42cm (15″-17″)

Perfect for rehab following:

  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis
  • Shoulder instability