This bi-annual meeting took place in Phuket. It was hosted by Dr Hans Paessler MD of Heidelberg, Germany. The Executive Director, Jon Bergfeld, MD, from the Cleveland Clinic USA, and Dr Jon Feagin MD, as the founder of the group, were in attendance.

The meeting included group presentations from all the assembled members along with extensive discussion on new topics in anterior cruciate ligament surgery and knee surgery in general.

Subjects discussed included

• ACL study – How Good Are We at Clinical Examination Following ACL Reconstruction.

• Comparison of Patellofemoral Cartilage Damage at the time of the ACL Revision Surgery between Patellar Tendon Autografts versus Other Grafts at the Primary Reconstruction.

• Hamstring strength recovery following hamstring tendon harvest for ACL reconstruction: A comparison between graft types.

Mr Johnson is one of only a few British members of the ACL Study Group.

11Feb 2003

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15Dec 2009

Mr. David Johnson MD, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, The Bristol Knee Clinic: Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction has become more common over the last 15 years and successful restoration of knee stability is essential to allow a return to sports and avoid long term arthritic changes in the knee. The patellar tendon graft has always been the […]

08Sep 2010

Tennis elbow is not caused by the size of your racket’s grip. Studies of forearm muscle actions shows little connection between grip size and the development of tennis elbow, also known as tendonitis. Researchers have measured how players’ muscles “fired” during a backhand swing using three different sizes of racket grips. No matter which grip […]