Wearing a helmet can reduce your risk for head injury from a bicycle accident by up to 85%, but good head protection doesn’t stop there, as helmet needs to be worn correctly in order to achieve the best possible protection. Here are some tips: • Wear the helmet level on your head so that the front of the helmet rests just above your eyebrows. • Fasten straps under the chin so the “V” of the side straps comes just below your ears. Straps should be tight enough so that the helmet does not move backwards or forwards or side to side. • Adjust the chinstrap so that it fits comfortably and securely under your chin. You should be able to open your mouth without feeling any pinching. If you can fit two fingers between the strap and your chin, tighten the strap. • Should you sustain an accident in which you hit your head, always replace your helmet. The foam inside the helmet will have been crushed and won’t protect your head as well as it did before. Make sure your helmet has a label indicating it meets the British Safety Standards.

11Feb 2003

Daily Mail Tuesday 18 February 2003 Good Health Me and my Operation Arthroscopy “The surgeon said I had little bits of cartilage floating around in my knee” Actress and comedienne Josie Lawrence, 42, has had a problem with her left knee for several years. Two weeks ago, Josie, who lives in East London, underwent a […]

15Dec 2009

Mr. David Johnson MD, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, The Bristol Knee Clinic: Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction has become more common over the last 15 years and successful restoration of knee stability is essential to allow a return to sports and avoid long term arthritic changes in the knee. The patellar tendon graft has always been the […]

08Sep 2010

Tennis elbow is not caused by the size of your racket’s grip. Studies of forearm muscle actions shows little connection between grip size and the development of tennis elbow, also known as tendonitis. Researchers have measured how players’ muscles “fired” during a backhand swing using three different sizes of racket grips. No matter which grip […]