What is the Donjoy Hinged TRU-PULL Advanced Knee Brace?

This high quality knee brace with an open kneecap relieves pain around the kneecap (Patellofemoral Pain) and increases knee stability following full or partial dislocation.

When can I use it?

  • Ideal for sports, especially running, and rehabilitation where there is a history of partial or full knee instability.
  • Perfect for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (pain around the knee cap).

Which size do I need?


Measure around thigh – exactly 15cm above the middle of the knee cap. If measurements indicate two different sizes, then choose the larger size.

  • X-Small 33-39cm (13-15.5″)
  • Small 39-47cm (15.5-18.5″)
  • Medium 47-53cm (18.5-21″)
  • Large 53-60cm (21-23.5″)
  • X-Large 60-67cm (23.5-26.5″)
  • XX-Large 67-75cm (26.5-29.5″)
  • XXX-Large 75-82.5cm (29.5-32″)

How does it work?

This Donjoy knee brace is technologically advanced for the treatment of kneecap problems. It exerts sideways pressure on the kneecap using an ‘Elastomeric’ pull device that is fixed with Velcro straps. The brace also features a movable buttress that sits inside the brace against the side of the kneecap to control kneecap movement.

This physical restraint of the kneecap reduces the risk of dislocation or partial dislocation (subluxation), and ensures that the kneecap tracks correctly within the groove at the front of the thigh bone. The resultant improved tracking of the knee cap can alleviate the symptoms of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (pain around the knee cap).

This knee brace has a lightweight aluminium hinge and lightweight breathable mesh fabric for extra comfort.

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