What are the Ironman All Sport Insoles?

Designed to absorb shock and impact that can affect the forefoot and heel the Ironman All Sport insoles help to stabilise and support the feet ensuring of total comfort during sporting activities.

When can I use the Ironman All Sport Insoles?

The Ironman All Sport insoles can be used during a range of sporting activities helping to improve athletic performance, while ensuring of greater comfort.

How do the Ironman All Sport Insoles work?

Specifically designed to absorb shock and impact in the forefoot and heel while helping to stabilise and support the feet the Iron man All Sport insoles ensure that the foot is in the correct position, which reduces the risk of injury to the foot, ankle and knee. The Ironman All Sport insoles also reduce fatigue, pressure on the ankle, knee and hip as well as improving athletic performance.

Please Note: 

Insoles and heel cups are exempt from the 30 day returns policy if they have been worn.

What size do I need?

To fit UK shoe size:

  • UK 4-5 EU 36-37.5
  • UK 5-6 EU 37.5-38.5
  • UK 7-8 EU 40-42
  • UK 9-10 EU 43.5-44.5
  • UK 11-12 EU 45.5-46.5
  • UK 13-14 EU 47.5-48.5

Shoe Size Conversion Chart


  • Heel: 2cm
  • Ball of Foot: 0.6cm

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